About us

A warm welcome to Offshore-USA!

I am very pleased to welcome American expatriates to our newest site. After the launch of teachersmoney.net for international teachers and caravelglobal.com for UK and other western expats, we have created a new division combining under one roof the solutions our American clients need to invest offshore, gain a second passport, acquire real estate, deal with the serious heirship issues raised by holding assets in more than one country (businesses, property, cars, jewellery, art), and insure themselves and their families. We operate through webinars and subsequent one-one-one discussions with our clients. Watch out for webinar listings which will be posted on this site’s blog and our LinkedIn and Facebook pages. This site features some pictures of Portugal – the team is based in central Portugal – which we hope you enjoy. We look forward to talking to you, and to welcoming you here should you ever decide to visit.

As an independent consultancy, we look solely to serve our clients and act in their best interests. That demands honesty, integrity and a sense of duty. We are not tied to any particular financial or other institution. This leaves us open to give impartial advice and thus the best service possible to our clients.

Our investment and planning services focus is on American expatriates, wherever you are; non-US citizens working in the USA; and those US-resident Americans who are planning to move themselves and their familes to another country. Our real estate focus will be Portugal and then other European countries.

We do try to go the extra mile to understand your goals and challenges. By deeply understanding your individual situation – your life, your attitude, your tolerance of risk, and your plans for yourself and your family – we are able to build a strategy that’s perfectly customised to your specific needs.

The Caravel team has lived and worked across the globe, from Africa to Russia and China, from central Asia to the Middle East. They have more than fifty years of direct investment advisory and planning experience and are highly qualified.

Offshore-USA is a division of Caravel Global Investments group. Caravel is a UK-registered company. For certain types of investment, Caravel works in partnership with KMI Consultants (Knightsbridge Management International SRO) which is regulated under the Act No. 256/2004 Coll. on Capital Markets Undertakings, as amended and is supervised by the Czech National Bank, and is licensed to operate in (but is not limited to) the following jurisdictions: UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, France (inc Monaco), Ireland, Greece, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Romania, Malta & Bulgaria, for transactions that fall under the remit of their license.

Offshore-usa is a division of Caravel Global Investments group. Caravel is a UK-registered company.